Contest results 2017

Contest results 2017

Grand Prix of the President of the Polish Academy of Sciences

The award:
LECO Polska for PEGASUS BT, i.e. Gas Chromatography, Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer (GC-TOFMS)

Mettler-Toledo for EasySamplerTM 1210,
and Perlan Technologies for holographic microscope HT-1 by the company Tomocube

Competition for the best offer of the 19th International Fair for the Analytics
and Measurement Techniques EuroLab 2017

Category “Laboratory Measurement Apparatus”

The award:
Renishaw for RA802, Ramanowski Pharmaceutical Analyser

Honourable mentions were granted to:
Perlan Technologies Polska for Agilent Intuvo 9000 Gas Chromatograph System
and Mettler-Toledo for EasySamplerTM 1210, an automatic device for sampling of chemical reactions

Category “Laboratory Equipment”

The award:
Koettermann for Koettermann EXPLORIS

Honourable mentions were granted to:
Donserv Wojciech Kaca for WK 25 homogenizers a
nd Hornik for LABterminal Wesemann

Category “the Equipment of Medical Diagnostic Laboratory”

The award:
Perlan Technologies Polska for system Real Time PCR AriaDx system by Agilent Technologies

Honourable mention was granted to:
PZ HTL for calibration of piston pipettes by full gravimetric
and alternative methods in accordance with PN-EN ISO 8655-6

Competition for the most original and professional fair stand

The winner:
Shim-pol A.M. Borzymowski

Honourable mention:

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