System stand construction

System stand construction


The most popular system of fairs construction is the octagonal system (so-called octaneorm) consisting of aluminum profiles filled with white 3-mm thick hdf inserts, covered with PVC foil, certified. The system makes it possible to build diversified shapes using other standard system elements. This system is the cheapest solution for trade fairs stands. The design allows for modular construction of stands, which can be modified and improved with additional equipment, graphics or non-standard furniture.



System stand construction – 6 m2



System stand construction – 9 m2



System stand construction – 12 m2




Project PREMIUM + 12 m2

All non-standard projects have an individual price



MAXIMA are aluminum profiles that enable the Exhibitor to build fair stands above 2.5 m. The structure is aesthetic, stable, you can create a stand where the walls will be filled with PVC prints but also uniform walls that can be finished in many ways, eg printed or in a single-colored foil. Using this system takes on an exclusive and attractive look.





The system is based on trusses with a triangular or square cross-section that makes it possible to build fair stands with a fairly low financial outlay, but it is very impressive and high (up to 6 m). The constructions are ideal for large areas where we need very good lighting (lamps mounted directly to the structure). In Walls a large surface area can a banner that creates an effective large format printout. The possibilities of this trade fair system are unlimited


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