ASSIST PLUS pipetting station from DONSERV

ASSIST PLUS pipetting station from DONSERV

INTEGRA has developed the ASSIST PLUS pipetting station to improve routine pipetting, and thanks to their affordable price they are available for almost every laboratory. Thanks to the INTEGRA electronic multi-channel pipettes, the system automates routine pipetting operations, eliminating strain on users and providing excellent repeatability and flawless pipetting.

Just connect the INTEGRA VIAFLO or VOYAGER electronic pipette to the ASSIST PLUS pipette holder, select the pipetting protocol, place the box with tips and any laboratory accessories.

Typical applications are:

  • Filling multi-well plates with samples/buffers/medium
  • Adding reagents
  • Performing serial dilutions
  • Reformatting samples – fluid transfer between different types of laboratory accessories
  • Duplicate plates
  • Mixing
  • Collection/transfer of supernatants.

ASSIST PLUS provides:

  • Optimal tip depth
  • Fixed pipetting angle
  • Controlled pipetting speeds
  • Precise positioning of the tip in the wells
  • Protects against typical human errors made during pipetting
  • Strictly adheres to pipetting programs
  • Monitors the number of tips

ASSIST PLUS is compatible with many types of laboratory accessories – the software contains a database of plastic products from many manufacturers and allows the extension of this database to include other, not cataloged products.

The Donserv company provides full support for implementation, training and service of pipetting stations and many other devices.

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