Hotplate Stirrers Guardian 7000 and 5000 Series from OHAUS Europe GmbH

Hotplate Stirrers Guardian 7000 and 5000 Series from OHAUS Europe GmbH

Think Safer. Think SMART.

OHAUS has designed the new Guardian Hotplate Stirrers with lab safety, efficiency, and durability in mind. Featuring our SMART technology, the Guardian Series promotes lab safety with advanced features designed to reduce the chance of accidents.


The Guardian 7000 Series is designed with outstanding safety features and superior heating and mixing performance. Offering the next generation of exclusive OHAUS SMART technology, the flagship Guardian 7000 ensures short and long-range supervised lab operation with SmartPresence™ and SmartLink™. Keep lab users and samples safe with SmartHeat™ which allows lab users to set the maximum temperature of the hotplate stirrer, preventing overheating of sensitive samples.


The Guardian 5000 Series ensures consistent stirring performance and temperature control. With its easy to read LCD display and innovative chemical resistant SmartHousing™ that is easy to clean and remains cool to the touch at high temperature settings, the Guardian 5000 is designed for safety and simplicity in all research, academia, and industrial applications. SafetyHeat™ protects the lab with its industry-leading early detection system to continuously monitor the electronics and shut off heating before an overtemperature condition occurs.


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