MS Spektrum. PlasmaQuant®MS from Analytik Jena AG

MS Spektrum. PlasmaQuant®MS from Analytik Jena AG

PlasmaQuant®MS – a compact induction-enabled plasma mass spectrometer from Analytik Jena AG.

The compact design of the burner and its efficient operation results in an average consumption of about 9 l/min of argon.

The patented collision trap (iCRC), integrated in the cone, prevents the introduction of contamination into the system. Introduction via the He or H2 cone into the plasma enables quick switching between gases and allows the use of lower purity gases.

The ion optics with a patented ion mirror that deflects the beam by 90° cleans the stream of photons and neutral particles, providing the highest sensitivity of any device on the market.

High resolution, maintenance free quadrupole with 3 MHz operating frequency and 50 µs ion countdown time made of stainless steel with precision micrometric tolerance bars in ceramic grips to produce an almost ideal hyperbolic field.

Fully digital detector with 10 orders of magnitude linearity and long lifetime. No time-consuming digital-analogue calibrations. Axially positioned dynods reduce the background effect on the measurement. Process of automatically attenuation of too strong signals ensures long term operation of the detector.

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