SentinelPro from SYL&ANT Instruments

SentinelPro from SYL&ANT Instruments

SentinelPro: Dynamic Image Analyzer for Particle Shape Analysis

The fully automated SentinelPro is a class-leading dynamic image analyzer that is ideal for applications where particle shape, not just the particle size, may be critical information for predicting raw material quality and to maintain a high level of process control.

Particle morphology provides important information regarding the physical shape properties of your sample. It has  been shown that shape can affect flowability, dispersion, packing density, segregation, aggregate formation, and microstructure character.


SentinelPro Design Benefits

  • High-Speed, 127 frames per second rated digital camera with up to 5 Mp resolution, captures live

images of thousands of particles.

  • Over 30 shape parameters are recorded, including circularity, ellipticity, opacity, mean diameter, smoothness, aspect ratio, fiber

length and many more.

  • All analyzed particles have thumbnail images saved for post-run viewing and shape analysis, both in grey scale and binary views.
  • Ability to compare different analyses via histogram overlays for all analyzed shape parameters.
  • Scatter plot correlates two shape measurements and can be utilized as a process quality control criterion as an at-line application within unit operations.

Two Models Available

SentinelPro Stand-Alone Instrument

This model is a fully independent, stand-alone instrument to process samples for Shape analysis by Dynamic imaging. Unit includes an internal peristaltic pumping system with chemically resistant tubing throughout the fluid path. Particle Size Range 1-300um, 10-800um.

SentinelPro Shape Module

The SentlinelPro Shape Module automatically takes an aliquot of sample from the reservoir of your current laser light scattering instrument. Fully integrates Into Your Current Particle Sizing Workflow Without Compromise. Particle Size Range 1-300um,  10-800um,  100-2500um.

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