March 18 (Wednesday)

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9.00 am       The second day of EuroLab 2020 and CrimeLab 2020 begins

10.00 am – 12.45 pm    Preparation of PTDL recommendations of clinical practice and laboratory diagnostics

Organizer: Polish Society of Laboratory Diagnostics

The Kisielewski Hall



Participation in the Conference requires prior notification of your participation to send your name and PWZDL number to the email address After the meeting participants of the Conference registered in the above manner will receive a personal certificate documenting the achievement of 2 educational points.

10.00 am – 4.00 pm     “#Environment as Life” conference

Organizer Institute of Environmental Protection – National Research Institute

The Goethe Hall

During the conference, the speakers will present the role of research laboratories in the protection of environment, in particular in the field of monitoring and assessment of the state of the environment.

The program includes the following thematic sessions:

“The role of the laboratory in the monitoring of the environment “

During the session, aspects related to the role of results informing about the state of the environment will be presented and discussed, in particular those obtained from existing environmental quality monitoring systems and obtained in various Laboratories performing analyses of supported environmental samples. The session will also address issues related to the work of laboratories for various national and international networks and the adaptation of the principles of laboratory operation to methodological and quality requirements, taking into account legal acts.

“The use of measurement results in environmental protection”

During the session, there will be discussed IOŚ-PIB experiences related to various aspects of results processing, their interpretation and application in environmental protection activities as well as scientific and implementation works.

Speakers, both from IOŚ-PIB and invited guests, will try to show you how we implement environmental protection assumptions and what role laboratories can and play in the whole process.

Institute of Environmental Protection – National Research Institute (IOŚ-PIB) is a departmental institute, supervised by the Ministry of Climate. The main goal of the Institute is to create the scientific basis for environmental protection, provide knowledge to the government and local administration and business entities, as well as to raise the level of ecological awareness and shape ecological attitudes of the society.

The results of the Institute’s work are also used in the activities of the Ministry of Climate (earlier called the Ministry of the Environment) to fulfil Poland’s international obligations in the field of air, water, nature and climate protection, which undoubtedly builds the Institute’s brand as a leading scientific and research unit.

The organizational structure of IOŚ-PIB includes as many as 3 accredited research laboratories:


10.00 am – 10.45 am    “PEM – electromagnetic measurements – hand-held dosimeter.”

Organizer: KABELKOM Sp. z o.o.

The Mickiewicz Hall

11.00 am – 11.45 am    “Future laboratory – is augmented reality going to revolutionize the work of a laboratory employee?”

Organizer: Solution4Labs

The Mickiewicz Hall


Digital technology enters into every aspect of our lives with great impetus, and the latest solutions in augmented reality allow for more efficient and satisfying work. How will this affect the work in the laboratory? We will present a revolutionary Holo4Labs solution that allows you to work in augmented reality in the laboratory using the latest Microsoft HoloLens 2 goggles and the Thermo Scientific™ SampleManager LIMS ™ system.

Speaker: Bartosz Michałowski – Head of Business Development

Bartosz Michałowski has been working in the digital industry for the last 20 years. He is an expert in the field of digital marketing, translating business challenges into specific digital solutions and platforms. His previous programming experience allows him to connect the world of creative and developers. He implemented projects for clients such as Colgate-Palmolive (in 30 countries), Hyundai, Makro, Energizer (in 6 countries), Wilkinson-Sword (in 17 countries), Nestle, Coca Cola and for many others. He is also a creator of the gaming studio in which he created 50 games. Co-founder of the VanLeif marketing agency, in which he dealt with strategy, B2B sales to the abovementioned large brands and strategic creation management. As one of the first in Poland he implemented VR projects (for Sanofi), 3D 360 video and animations (Pfizer) and AR projects. He uses this experience, combined with sales experience, in carrying out tasks at Solution4Labs as Head of Business Development.

 11.00 pm – 4.00 pm     “Problems of Laboratories”, a series of lectures

Organizers: POLLAB Polish Research Laboratories Club and Polish Committee for Standardization

The Kisielewski Hall

1.45 pm – 4.00 pm Meeting in the series Manager’s Toolkit: „Climate for Business”

Organizer: UNEP Centre / GRID-Warsaw

The Mickiewicz Hall

4.00 pm           The End of the second day of EuroLab 2020 and CrimeLab 2020