Summary of EuroLab and CrimeLab 2019


Summary of EuroLab and CrimeLab 2019

The End of EuroLab and CrimeLab 2019

The 21st International Fair of Analytical and Measurement Techniques EuroLab 2019 and the 8th Forensic Technology CrimeLab 2019 have ended. On March 13-15, 152 Exhibitors from 14 countries presented their offer of state-of-the-art solutions for comprehensive laboratory equipment, analytical, control and measurement equipment, laboratory equipment, information systems supporting laboratory activities, as well as technological novelties in the ​​equipment for examination of the crime site, for documentation, registration, security and presentation of evidence and equipment and materials for forensic laboratory testing. After many years, the fair trades returned to the Palace of Culture and Science, which was well received by both, the Exhibitors and the Visitors.

The Opening gala in the Goethe Room

During the opening ceremony of this year’s edition of EuroLab and CrimeLab, Piotr Cieśliński, MP, the Chairman of the Parliamentary Group for Chemical Industry, said: “The substantive scope of the fair is expanding year by year, and their size is huge, going far beyond Europe. This is a source of pride and an excellent opportunity to promote our country. ” Director of the National Prosecutor’s Office Jaroslaw Duś drew the attention of the gathered to the new competition for the National Prosecutor’s Award by stating – “The forensics at the fair has been with us for over 100 years and is inseparable from the work of prosecutors. Without it, many things would have remained unresolved.” The Vice-president of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Professor Paweł Rowiński said – “PAN is with the trade fair from the very beginning. We support them as an event building Polish science, and good science is primarily created by people, but also by infrastructure.” Acting President of the GUM Maciej Dobieszewski was the very next to speak: “EuroLab is a recognized brand in the industry. We had this pleasure to co-create it. This year, the GUM celebrates the jubilee of the century. We do not only finish these 100 years, but we are also starting the next century. We invite you to the Metrology Day during the fair.” The Vice-president of MT Targi Polska Anna Wielgos read a congratulatory letter from the Speaker of the Polish Parliament, Marek Kuchciński, and then a ceremonial cutting of the ribbon and the symbolic opening of the Fair took place. Urszula Potęga, President of MT Targi Polska, said: “After 10 years of break, we return to the Palace of Culture and Science. I think that we will stay here for a while “, and then while thanking for the years of cooperation and congratulating the beautiful jubilee, she handed the Grand Prix to GUM acting President Maciej Dobieszewski. It is worth recalling that the Honorary Patronage of this year’s edition of the fair was taken by: Piotr Cieśliński – Member of the Polish Parliament, Chairman of the Parliamentary Group for the Chemical Industry, Jarosław Gowin – Minister of Science and Higher Education, Bogdan Święczkowski – First Deputy Prosecutor General, National Prosecutor, prof. Jerzy Duszyński – President of the Polish Academy of Sciences and Maciej Dobieszewski – acting President of the Central Office of Measures.

The exhibitors know it best

This year, 152 exhibitors participated in the fair, and the prepared stands were extremely diverse and attractive. They provided the opportunity to become acquainted with a wide range of products offered, check their performance and talk with representatives of individual companies. Once again, it was possible to see live that a meeting of science and business brings mutual benefits, and theoretical assumptions translate into practical solutions.

The DanLab company specializes in comprehensive laboratory equipment. Its General Director Danuta Katryńska recalled with real fondness : “We started 12 years ago in the same place with a tiny stand. After 10 years we have returned and we are extremely proud of what we have achieved and the number of satisfied customers, as evidenced by the number of guests at our stand, which was considered the best at the Fair. This gives us a special pride, because we have prepared it ourselves. ”

Grażyna Czaplicka from Mettler-Toledo, a leading manufacturer of scales and precise analytical instruments and service services to the laboratory and industry, invited to thematic seminars and was very pleased with the Fair: “We always try to promote our products and applications not only at the stand. This year’s main theme is LabX software, which saves time and integrates data. The decision to return to the Palace was excellent, it is a great location, which translates into the number of visitors. On the first day of the Fair, 10 people serving the stand did not even have time to rest for a while. ”

Berendsen Textile Service is part of the Elis group – an international provider offering solutions for the hire and service of work and protective clothing, floor mats, hygiene equipment, industrial wipes and mops. Adam Głowacki, representing the company, was impressed by the Palace of Culture and Science: “This is a different place, but extremely interesting. It translates into interest in the offer, and our most important profile is protective clothing. This year, we especially recommend the “Connected Clean Room” system.

The Bruker Polska company sells research equipment and offers its full warranty and post-warranty support. Its representative Wiktor Tomala was proud of winning the Competition for the National Prosecutor’s Award: “Our handheld spectrometer has a really wide application. First, it was used in pharmacy to verify raw materials, and now also to detect and identify drugs and boosters. It has been already used by the police in several countries around the world, and I hope that Poland will join us now.”

The new solutions in liquid chromatography were presented by Polygen, a company known for its high quality scientific and research equipment. Among them there was e.g. a matrix column awarded with the Grand Prix of the President of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Vice-President Krystyna Niedzielska said with fondness: “We started at the Palace and we are happy to return. Both the location and the atmosphere are much better here.

Wojciech Sala, Head of Research and Development at Kabelkom, a company dealing with distribution of high-end measuring devices, was also pleased with the move to the Palace, and at his stand he especially praised the new spectrometer, as a “portable laboratory-quality device, initially designed for NASA, and currently used by the police, among others in Switzerland, to detect drugs. ”

“We are a global company that tries to increase our presence on the Polish market and that is why we participate in the EuroLab Fair” – said Bartłomiej Skrzycki, the LabVantage Sales Director. – “We present here the LabVantage LIMS system, which serves to manage the whole laboratory from basic needs like sample testing for reagent management, warehouse and staff. I do not conceal that I had some concerns about moving to PKiN, but they were completely dispelled. I have found that the new location means a lot more interest for us due to much communication.”

Watson-Marlow is a company that appeared for the first time at the Fair. Watson-Marlow thanks to a wide range of products provides interesting solutions in the field of pumping and transporting liquids. Rafał Łydziński, the Managing Director, assessed the event with cautious optimism – “We will wait for the final result, but now I can say that this is an interesting place and there are many visitors. As a world leader among manufacturers of peristaltic pumps and fluid flow technologies, we present an offer for companies in the field of bioproduction, biotechnology and pharmacy. ”

The joint stand of the Center for Biological and Chemical Sciences was also interesting: The Centre for Forensic Sciences, Faculty of Chemistry and Faculty of Biology, University of Warsaw and Committee for Analytical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Ewa Bulska, Professor, the Director of the Center, said: “We want to attract labs and scientists to the fair to familiarize themselves with the latest technological achievements in the field of analytical procedures and laboratory capabilities. At the same time, we try to encourage exhibitors and representatives of business and public administration to use our research and development offer. We invite our students, because the Fair creates the opportunity to offer them an attractive internship.”

Conferences, lectures, seminars and workshops

The organizers prepared an extremely rich program of events accompanying the fairs, conducive to expanding knowledge and developing professional qualifications. During conferences, seminars and lectures, there have been mentioned topics related to certification of laboratories, laboratory diagnostics, chemical analysis, metrology or the use of laboratory tests for forensic purposes. The next meeting of science and business aroused a great interest.

The Polish Center for Accreditation prepared a conference that was of record interest, during which there was presented the current state of implementation of the requirements for the 3rd edition of ISO / IEC 17025 in the activity of accredited laboratories and changes in the organizational structure of laboratories and assessment of changes introduced in documenting the management system. The issue of adjusting the organizational structure of laboratories and the requirements of standards problematic in the implementation approach was also discussed, with particular emphasis on defining and documenting the scope of laboratory activity, measurement coherence, external products and services, as well as process approach and activities related to risks and chances.

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary, the Central Office of Measures organized the Metrology Day at the EuroLab and CrimeLab fair trades. The special session, which took place on the second day of the fair, was divided into three parts. The first one presents the history of GUM and its role in the structure of Polish metrology, while the second took the invited guests. Then you could get to know the nearest future of GUM, related to the construction of a new campus in cooperation with the Kielce University of Technology. It will become a laboratory research and implementation base that will allow for effective and professional conducting of research and development works, which will directly affect the intensification of cooperation between the research and scientific sphere and enterprises. As noted by acting GUM president Maciej Dobieszewski, “EuroLab is an important element for us to celebrate the 100th anniversary, which lasts from February to June”.

The Polish Society for Laboratory Diagnostics organized a certified conference with educational points. It was devoted to recommendations for laboratory diagnostics currently being developed by working groups appointed by the Main Board of PTDL. During the lectures the guidelines for optimizing the diagnosis of lipid disorders, recommendations regarding the results of blood counts with the microscopic evaluation of the smear and recommendations of the PTDL working group on the standardization of urine sediment analysis were discussed.

Numerous listeners were interested by the series of lectures prepared by the POLLAB Club of Polish Research Laboratories and the Polish Committee for Standardization under the common name “Problems of Laboratories”. The program included presentations: “Laboratory competence according to PN-EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2018- 02, resource requirements”, “Amendment of PN-EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2018-02 – implementation process in practice”,  “New standards in the implementation of proficiency tests – benefits for participants” and “Laboratory after the assessment of PCA – implementation of the requirements of the new standard in practice” and “What’s new in standardization?”

Centre for Biological and Chemical Sciences, The Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Warsaw, the Faculty of Chemistry of the Warsaw University of Technology and the Committee for Analytical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences prepared a scientific session in which three lectures were presented. The first concerned a new in vitro approach in metabolic studies of drug biotransformation with a focus on the biomedical aspect. The next one focuses on the issue of testing the properties and use of nanomaterials in medical diagnostics and therapies. The forum ended with a presentation showing the modern face of electrochemistry.

During last year’s edition of the Fair, the theme of the “Clean Room” laboratory enjoyed a unique interest and hence the decision to continue it. This time, special attention was devoted to the preparation of the project, its implementation and merits. There is also a whole panel of lectures on the Clean Room, including sessions with experts and workshops “Practical aspects of working in Clean Room – staff, materials, hygiene”. The expert panel “Clean Room – from design to commissioning” was hosted by Patrycja Sitek from CR Konsulting. “We present here all the way you need to go to create a Clean Room – from concept through design and construction, to implementation,” she said. There were also organised workshops “Practical aspects of working in Clean Room – personnel, materials, hygiene”, which gave the participants the opportunity to learn the secrets of monitoring microbiology and particles, proper hygiene and clean room sanitation and the proper way of dressing. Throughout the duration of the Fair, the “Clean Room” laboratory functioned with all building elements indicating how clean zones should be constructed.

Methods of filtration of air extracted from research sites in analyses by using solid particles and concentrated or hot chemical substances were presented during a conference organized by the website. Solutions to the problem of polluted air in the laboratory were also pointed out.

Important elements of the program were also numerous presentations of the Exhibitors. As many as four were prepared by the company Mettler Toledo, and all concerned innovative solutions to facilitate work and provide more information, mainly thanks to the use of computerized laboratory systems. LUM GmbH presented “Accelerated stability analysis in the study of cosmetics, household chemicals and food”, and the company Architects Tektonika invited to the lecture “Designing the Laboratory – Key Phases of the Investment Process”. How the LIMS system can support the laboratory and what are the benefits of its implementation – it was explained by the Solution4Labs representatives. LabVantage – Software Point proposed to support the laboratory with the most modern LIMS on the market. The company Radwag Witold Lewandowski explained the use of microwave and infrared radiation in the study of water content and dry mass of various and Erlab presented methods of protection against inhalation of harmful chemicals. And the company Kabelkom presented the near infrared spectrometers MicroNIR, epsilometrs and CellAdviser meters.

Winners of competitions

The fair trade competitions once again stood at an unusually high level.

The Grand Prix of the President of the Polish Academy of Sciences was awarded to POLYGEN Sp. z o.o. for “Micro Pillar Array Column μPAC – matrix columns”. Awards were also granted to KAMIKA Instruments Sp. z o.o. Sp.k for “Innovative mini 3D analyzer for three-dimensional measurement of particles up to 3500 micrometers and determining their shape” and METTLER-TOLEDO Sp. z o.o. for “UV5Nano Spectrophotometer”

The company BRUKER Polska Sp. z o.o. was the winner of the National Prosecutor Award debut at the fairs for “BRAVO-ID drugs and afterburners analyser”.

In the competition for the best offer of the 21st International Fair of Analytics and Measurement Techniques EuroLab 2019 winners were selected in four categories, assessed by independent competition commissions, composed of representatives of scientific circles.

In the “Laboratory measuring equipment” category, the prize was awarded to POLYGEN Sp. z o.o. for “Vanquish Duo UHPLC liquid chromatography system Thermo Fisher Scientific™”, and RADWAG Elektronics Witold Lewandowski was awarded for “MYA 5.4Y.F” and SHIM-POL A.A. Borzymowski “E.Borzymowska-Reszka, A.Reszka Spółka Jawna for “LCMSQ-TOF-9030 coupled with NEXER MIKROS micro-UHPLC “.

In the “Laboratory equipment” category, the award went to DURR Technik GmbH & Co. KG for “Quiet Sicolab 062MFA laboratory compressor” and EPPENDORF Poland Sp. z o.o. for “The new series of CO2 incubators Eppendorf CellXpert 170i” and WITKO Sp. z o.o. for “Flowable UV-150 photochemical reactor”.

Another category assessed by the jury was “Equipment of a medical diagnostic laboratory”. The winner was BRUKER Polska Sp. z o.o. and its “FT-IR Intelligent New Generation FT-IR Spectrometer – INVENIO®”, and the distinctions went to ETISOFT Sp. z o.o. for “etiCALLS – Labeling system in laboratories” and LabVantage – Software Point for “LabVantage LIMS system solutions for Polish laboratories”.

Finally, UNI-EXPORT INSTRUMENTS Polska was awarded in the “Clean Room Laboratory Equipment” category for “SurCapt ™ – quick microbiological measurements of surfaces”, and distinctions awarded to BERENDSEN Textile Service Sp. z o.o. – for “Connected Clean Room” and KOETTERMANN Polska Sp. z o.o. for “Koettermann counter-top fountains”.

The winner of the competition for the most original and professional trade fair stand of the EuroLab Fair was DANLAB Wyposażenie Laboratorium, and the distinctions went to the Institute of Chemistry and Nuclear Technique, MERAZET S.A., METTLER-TOLEDO Sp. z o.o. and “SHIM-POL A.M. Borzymowski “E.Borzymowska-Reszka, A.Reszka General Partnership.

See you all in one year

We would like to thank to all Exhibitors and Guests and invite you to the Fair in a year. See you again at the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw on 17-19 March 2020.


Organizer of the Fair: MT Targi Polska S.A. is one of the leading organizers of trade fairs in Poland with over 25 years of experience. In May 2017 the company received the “Teraz Polska” emblem – a prestigious distinction that confirms the highest quality of services. The company’s portfolio includes: International Gastronomic Fair EuroGastro, International Trade Fair of Accommodation Facilities WorldHotel, International Fair of Analytics and Measurement Techniques EuroLab, International Crime Technology Fair CrimeLab, TT Warsaw International Tourism Fair, Tourism Fair and Recreation LATO, Trade Fair of Traditional and Eco-friendly Products Regionalia and the Fair of Conservation and the Restoration Restaurant as well as Protection, Archive Equipment, Museums and Libraries Dziedzictwo.

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